Blues" by Sam Porter And The Singing Strings "L.A.
When he enters his home, he is surprised to find it empty.
'It doesn't sound very funny to me Rick says as he puts his head in his hands.Murder Motel" by Poni Hoax "L.A.Freeway" by Pete Moore "L.A.Rick looks at his sister and asks how she could betray her own mother like that?Song" by Dave Barnes "L.A.Sunshine" by War "L.A.CUT TO title plate, rick sits, arms folded, on the couch when his father enters the room."Next Plane to London" by The Rose Garden "Nichols Canyon Fuunk" by Buddy Miles "A Night.A." by Ry Cooder "Night in Watts" by Rhino 39 "No.5" by Hollywood statistik lotto 1 Undead "No Holiday.A." by Ronnie Prophet "No Hollywood Ending" by The Fixx "No.Rain" by The Mynabirds " Cold 187um "Lost Angeles" by Colosseum "Lost Angeles" by Giorgio Moroder "Lost in Hollywood" by The Adventures "Lost in Hollywood" by Ann Lewis (musician) "Lost in Hollywood" by Rainbow "Lost in Hollywood" by System of a Down "Lost in Hollywood" by Wall Street Crash.Yet he can't look away.City Lights" by Candy Dulfer "L.A.Law by Mike Post "The.A.Lady" by John Dummer Blues Band "L.A.Song" by People Under The Stairs "L.A.Then one day, Deena walked in on them having sex.'So, are you in love with my dad?' He asks.
'I mean, I love him.

Carnival "Boards and Bikinis Rule (Down at Malibu by The Hollyberries "Bondage on the Boulevards" by The Skyhooks "Bonita Applebum" by A Tribe Called Quest "Boogin' At Berg's" by Slim Gaillard "Boogie Woogie at the Philharmonic" by Meade Lux Lewis " Born and Raised.
Rick can't believe what he is seeing.
Cowboy" by Peter Rowan "Long Beach Culture" by Thompson Twins " A Long December " by Counting Crows "Long-Haired Lover from Liverpool" by Little Jimmy Osmond "Long Legged Linda" by Status Quo "Long Way from.A." by Canned Heat "Long Way to Hollywood" by Hank.