t21 set bonuses druid

Revised the wording on the Level 90 Talents, but we still suggest simming yourself.
2018 (this page Added a section called "What is the Best Hunter Spec and updated all the simulations.2018 ( enchants page Reverted the optimal gem, as it was nerfed.2018 (this page Updated for Battle for Azeroth launch.2018 ( addons page Updated for Battle for Azeroth launch.2018 ( enchants page Updated the optimal single-target potion.Updated the wording on the Healthstones/Healing Potion paragraph to say "and as you can now use both of them at once.2018 ( easy mode page Updated the optimal talent from Mongoose Bite to Tip of the Spear and updated the stat priority.2018 poka poka sowe text ( azerite traits and gear page Updated the Azerite Trait simulation.2018 ( rotation page Expanded on the impact that Wildfire Infusion can have on your rotation when trying to play optimally.Show more Show less).Survival's main downside is that it is Melee, which is generally lotto strategies florida less desirable than Ranged, and also competes with a different set of classes.Changed the BiS list to a more generally useful list of good dungeons to farm, as this will be relevant throughout the entire expansion.Is able to deal heavy damage to a single target while AoE'ing.Relatively hectic multi-target rotation.