sm4sh modding more texture slots

but after "all is said and done" I don't have an app that says "Smash Bros.
I even used one of the same skin but still encountered the same problems with it alone.1-Mii Brawler 2-Mii Swordfighter 3-Mii Gunner 4-Mario 5-DK(Donkey Kong) 6-Link 7-Samus 8-Yoshi 9-Kirby 10-Fox 11-Pikachu 12-Luigi 13-Captain(Captain Falcon) 14-Ness 15-Peach 16-Koopa(Bowser) 17-Zelda 18-Sheik 19-Marth 20-Mr.You can also have 8 Advent Children outfit Clouds fighting, but they "all" need to have their lxx models, or else performance issues can occur. do you by any chance have a link to nameplate changing?Find out more about this amazing opportunity.Nothing, no new app, and certainly not any mods on sm4sh. If you are sure all the files are in the right spots, then it sounds like it's the SD Card.Apply and begin building your own modding community using our site technology, with no experience needed.For me, each character had 10 alternate costumes, with the exception of Kirby and Cloud, whose alternate costumes are 12 and 16, respectively.This will create your mod and it will be in a folder named "release".Exe, and copy that into a folder.It's a Ultra Plus 16GB Sandisk SD card with 80MB/s written.Exe now, after having these things and programs, open up Sm4shExplorer, and find your dump of Smash 4, with files named: Meta, Code, and Content.If you live in the US, there is data(us_en data(us_fr) and data(us_sp).Per character, but the game will crash with 255 skins or more (it has happened to me and others).

Edit: costumes replaced (needs an update edit 2:if you want to make your own textures or make your own pack follow this guide m/NENj6bTV.
Ovh or the Kexploit (Kernel Exploit) and SDCafiine to load your mods, boot up Smash, and you're all set!
To have more than 8, simply double click the 8 or in Little Mac's case, 16, and just add the amount of costumes you want.