They didnt know how to use a strategy card.
Therefore, that leaves the third excusenamely, how to use a strategy card, which I will now address.
As a last resort, you can always print the proper playing strategy from any number of video poker websites and take the printed copy with you when you play.He initiated some small talk while we played, and I learned that he was visiting the coast, this was his last day in town, and he was in the red so far playing video poker.Think of it as a cheat sheet, an aid that you can (legally) use when you play video poker to help you make the correct play (meaning you will be keeping the cards that have the highest expected value).Other premier facilities at WinStar World Casino and Resort include a 3-tower hotel with 1,400 luxurious rooms, new 65,000 square foot Convention Center, Golf Academy and Club with two championship 18-hole courses, organic Spa at WinStar, unique shopping opportunities and more.First, pocketsize strategy cards for video poker players are commercially available for players (just check the ads in this magazine).Savannah, GA, seattle, WA, sedona, AZ, spokane,.What if someone else was playing next to himdo you think that player would have given him the same advice?Henry Tamburin is a blackjack and video poker expert.Then he surprised me when he asked me this question: How should I play this hand?He hosts the m website and is the editor of the.To learn more about the historic Chickasaw Nation and other Chickasaw destinations, visit.Strategy cards contain a table of hand rankings with the hands at the top of the table having a higher rank than the hands below.Two good sites that have accurate video poker strategies that you can print are the video poker page on m and the Strategy Guide page on m ).

For a free copy of his Casino Gambling Catalog, which contains books, strategy cards and software for video poker players, call toll free, or visit the web store.
If you werent sure whether to hold the paying straight or the four-card royal, and you had a handy strategy card with you, you would have instantly seen that the correct play is to hold the four-card royal (see line 1 in the strategy table.