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Teased in a not-so-cryptic email newsletter, Lulzbot has as good as announced it will be releasing a new resin-based 3D printing solution in September.
In partnership with New Story, a San Francisco-based, Y-Combinator backed nonprofit, Icon wants to end homelessness by building sustainable communities using proprietary 3D printing robotics, software and advanced materials.
More BigRep partners with Bosch RexRoth for CNC-equipped 3D printers Oct.1, 2018 - BigRep and Bosch Rexroth today dunder casino svindel announced a development partnership: For the first time, 3D printers by BigRep will be equipped with state-of-art CNC control systems and drives by Bosch Rexroth.Researchers demonstrated a new approach to 3D printing to fuse metallic filaments made from metallic glass into metallic objects.More, engineers develop process to 3D print cells to produce tendon and ligament tissue.Nov.8, 2018 - Boston-based additive manufacturing company, rize, has announced the launch of a new full-colour desktop industrial 3D printer, the xrize, along with two new materials, rizium carbon and rizium endura, and the rize connect cloud platform.Aug 31, 2018, working in the Nanoscale, mIT Engineers 3D Print Crystals from Billions of Colloids.More, bASF Venture Capital invests in Chinese 3D printing specialist Prismlab.More, icon 3D prints homes in 24 hours for 4,000, raises 9 million for expansion.Prismlab has developed a patented printing process that is characterized by a very high printing speed, high level of precision and lower printing costs.Researchers at the University of Minnesota have 3D printed an image sensing array on a hemisphere: in essence, a bionic eye.Oct.24, 2018 - World's first 3D printed steel bridge is completed and will be installed across a canal in Amsterdam next year.More KIT develops selectively erasable 3D printing ink for direct laser writing Aug.16, 2018 - KIT researchers have developed 3D inks based on labile silane crosslinkers that can be selectively erased.More Low-Level Control of 3D Printers from the Cloud could speed up 3D printing by up to 54 Aug.21, 2018 - Chinedum Okwudire and U-M's Smart and Sustainable Automation Research Lab have been experimenting with a new way of controlling 3D printers, where stepper motor.Nov.5, 2018 - GE Additive and GE Aviation have announced that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has given 'change in design' approval to replace a conventionally manufactured power door opening system (pdos) bracket, used on GE Aviation's GEnx-2B commercial airline engines that power the Boeing.Aug 27, 2018, the Fast and the Fabricated, new Bugatti Divo Supercar Features an Elegant 3D Printed Rear Grille.More Yale researchers develop an easy way to 3D print with metal Sep.6, 2018 - Researchers from Yale University working with a company called Desktop Metals think they've found a way to make 3D printing metal objects easier than ever before.I will be glad to new watchers and followers, Read More.More 3D printing company eSUN is looking for dealers and distributors worldwide Aug.13, 2018 - 3D printing company eSUN is looking for dealers and distributors worldwide More Facebook bans sites hosting blueprints for 3D printed guns Aug.10, 2018 - Facebook is banning sites that host.Recently announced to be joining as an advisor is seasoned aerospace and rocketry executive, Tim Buzza.More, thermwood and Boeing 3D print 12-foot-long single-piece tool for 777X program.Oct.25, 2018 - The researchers fabricated electrodes using a printable graphene aerogel to build a porous three-dimensional scaffold loaded with pseudocapacitive gel, which is a kind of capacitor material that also behaves like a battery in some ways.
Nov.8, 2018 - Researchers from Jerusalem's Hebrew University have developed a novel technology to create drug capsules using 3D printers, enabling a complex design of drug delivery systems currently unavailable in conventional pharmaceutical manufacturing techniques.

More Stanford team uses 3D printing to build custom cardiac-mapping catheters for heart surgery Aug.7, 2018 - A team of Stanford researchers is investigating new ways to survey electricity in the heart, and are developing 3D printed cardiac surgical devices that could one day help.
More Beetle inspired 3D printed cement paste gets stronger when it cracks Oct.4, 2018 - Researchers at USA's Purdue University have 3D printed cement paste, an ingredient of the concrete and mortar used to build various infrastructure elements, that gets tougher under pressure.