They do all of this with genuine smiles and jokes for both regulars and newbies.
Poke Burrito, the premium poke burrito and Project Poke is way better than their sushi donut.
You won't even get fish in world series of poker 2015 day 1 every bite.?!
For restaurant reviews in the OC please visit.But actually, it's not enough fish to cover the entire donut anyway.The modern, gray concrete aesthetic is counterbalanced by the pink accent wall with the words, Thank You painted next ign poke to the register.Overall, a very underwhelming experience.And if youve never seen a sushi burrito rolled, the staff at Project Poke treat it like an art form.I promise that will never.To me, this is more like rice with some fish, because poke resort sol y luna the rice proportion is far greater than the fish.The donut was about the size of a small bagel and cost about.75 so I bought two.They also had ice cream cups and cookie sandwiches being modeled by a girl pretending to eat them.Overall: not really a donut.Mine luckily stayed intact for the most part but you should be cautious when eating this because some rice or filling might fall apart!If you are a lover of the next hype / gimmicky food, you'll love this.
I had no idea I was in the presence of foodie royalty.
The cucumber adds a bright freshness and the sesame seeds gives you a bit of crunch.