need more usb c ports

Some cheap suppliers may provide cables that only use the C oval head connector, but with compatibility for only the older.0 standardbe sure to check when youre buying them that they support high-speed data, if thats what you need.
It works as a hub.
4 Ports to power and connect all my peripherals but no way to keep my MacBook Charged.
In the aftermath of tombola lottery 2009 the uni-port MacBook release, many peripheral manufacturers were quick to release a variety of hubs and adapters that can expand the options of users.Cannot connect my power source or the monitor.But at almost half the price of the Satechi hub, its a great budget option, assuming you can get along without Ethernet.Which means if youve got a USB-C laptop like Apples MacBook Pros or Dells latest XPS 13, and you want to get your old ports back things like regular USB, hdmi, Ethernet, headphone jacks, DisplayPort, MicroSD, and SD card slots youre going to need.Date published:, rated 1 out of 5 by ponilsson from Doesn'tt work None of the USB-C ports works.There are plenty of other USB-C hubs available, with different port configurations, form factors, and price points.Aside from being gorgeous and tiny, it also came with a hefty price tag, a suspect keyboard, and only a solitary connection port.Far better product available at this price point!Adding ports with a cable or adapter.Satechi Type C Hub Adapter pictured below so check out the best buys and recommendations via our guide of the.If youre looking to save a little money, the next best hub is the HooToo USB-C hub.A new Corsair PC case with USB-A and USB-C ports on the front panel.Heres our full guide.So, you can either buy an adapter, which you plug into the MacBook and then use to attach your devices, or a cable to replace the one you already have.IpToContent, sALE NEW, f4U090btBLK, ports FOR portability, connect your new USB-C laptop, to multiple USB devices with this comprehensive port expansion hub.Expand your horizons by adding USB-C ports to a MacBook.Another option for expanding your access to USB-C ports is a converter, which is essentially the same as an A-to-C cable, but compact and designed to fit onto the end of your existing USB-C-to-C cables.But ultimately, go with whatever ports and style best suits your setup.The best USB-C hub is one that gives you access to all the ports you need, and is small and light enough to easily keep in your bag at all times.Or, more optimistically, that one day you wont need this guide at all, because everyone will have 100 cashback casino finally switched over to using USB-C (although that still seems a long way from now.).
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