If you are from Blizzard, I swear that it was worthwhile and pray that appropriate countermeasures are taken place.
Selendis Void Seeker Mothership (Both must be X or XD, upgraded to exactly level 3, and the units must be inside the guardian shield of a sentry).That is true - for the first 5 games, until you notice the skill section.Tychus 2x Alexei Stukov 3x Jim Raynor.Commando Raynor Nova 6x Jim Raynor.Referenced webpage - under term 7 Donors shall not be provided with any in-game special advantages, such as private access to a Custom Game, special levels, graphical markers, special text, abilities, units, etc.There are many known instances where users have abused the game and have got banned.Kraith 4x Brutalisk Hybrid Reaver (X or higher).Lottery Defense (Starcraft 2 Mod) Video Games Hot Dog.So it does take a one or two steps, but more SP in-game special advantages.All hiddens in New Solo Lottery Defence.Gorgon Cruiser Hyperion 3x Alexei Stukov.Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.Artifact: OUT with THE OLD, IN with THE NEW!Mech: 8, widow Mine 12x Spider Mine, garbage 4x Sparta.I am not asking for any form of vigilante justice but just hoping for blizzard to notice.I stopped upgrading it after level 4, because I ran out of saves (from destruction).
Lottery Defense - Comprehensive Hidden Combo/Merge List spinner gratis google - By Race - 31 Combos (press F11 TO make full-screen.
Dominion Marauder 4 Hammer Security (Rank SSS or better) 8 Infested Terran (spawned from 2 Alexei Stukov).