Uffizi 3 Fill the viking lotto nyheter slots with Great Works of Art from the same civilization and the same era.
Get 1 for having either both items be your civ, or both from another civ.
This is doubly valid if you're playing as Brazil, whose special ability doubles Tourism during Golden Ages.Hermitage 3 Fill the slots with Great Works of Art from different civilizations and different eras.2 for having music from two eras, but the same civilization.The reason for this is that Museum bonuses can be fulfilled with Artifacts as well, and they are the only other building with Art slots.Lower pytree(srcdir, dstdir) dir(dstdir) for root, dirnames, [email protected] map-fetch(map, keys) key: nth(keys, 1 length: length(keys value: map-get(map, key @if value!Zip -d home/.icons echo "Fetching GTK theme" wget -O gtk-theme-mist.You can also save Great People for an immediate theming bonus when you complete a late game wonder, because the Great Work era is determined by the era when it was created, not when the Great Person was generated.Zip -d home/.fonts unzip PTMono.topdownFalse for filename in dirnames filenames: orig in(root, filename) new orig.Back to the list of wonders.This is especially important with wonders that require multiple Great Works from the same era.The, culture bonus from theming is added to the city's base, culture (which is affected by, culture bonuses from buildings such.2 for having both be from the same era, and from civilizations that are not Oxford's owner (can match each other or be different civilizations).Zip -d home/.fonts cat EOT home/.Xresources tohint: 0 dfilter: lcddefault Xft.If the theming bonus is activated, you will see a number instead (e.g.The other 1 is for having both from the same era.Append(i) print The following elements were common in both listsn" str(new_list) PracticePython Exercise 5 bonus objectives mkdir -p yum install rubygems gcc-c ruby-devel gem install less gem install therubyracer cd cp portal-core.To see the requirements you'll need to meet for any building that has more than one slot, hover over the large number to the right of the slots; that number is your current theming bonus, and hovering over it should bring up a tooltip with.

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Theming bonus, theming requirements, great Library 2, fill the slots with Great Works of Writing from different civilizations and different eras.