In a society where theres no transparency and no rule of law, it will remain possible, and immensely profitable, to sweep the problems under the rug, dodge accountability, and continue with Business As Usual.
Fortunately, history also teaches that capitalism can still create prosperity even when fenced in with safety, environmental, and labor-law regulation.
Weve seen this movie before.But not for long, where long is measured in generations.Not surprisingly, so do the descriptions of the sufferings of industrial laborers.They neednt worry much about unions or other worker activism because that government has as a matter of industrial policy disempowered labor, making real unionism impossible.We and our partners operate globally and use cookies, including for analytics, personalisation, and ads.The sooner the better.This, new York Times story, telling ugly stories of human suffering at Chinese outsourcers, isnt about Apple.By using Twitters services you agree to our.Prediction I totally guarantee this one: Eventually, the cost of buying anything that requires norsk online casino vegas palms human intervention in the manufacturing process is going.Europe figured out that messy, petty, parliamentary politics leading to a messy, petty, regulatory framework are sort of optimal, if by optimal you mean we havent been able to figure out anything better.I havent seen any evidence that the Chinese arent as smart or courageous as my ethnic group; given the same opportunities, theres no good reason they shouldnt get the same or better results.The description of 21st-century Chinese political reality applies pretty well to 19th-century Europe.English section, in this section, the discussion carried in English.Thats not good enough.Cookie Use and, 100 cashback casino data Transfer outside the.Somethings Gotta Give In the short term, the most likely outcome is: no change.
Some will push back, pointing out that Chinas policies have lifted the best part tombola lottery 2009 of a billion people out of grinding rural poverty; also that people take Foxconn jobs eagerly because they are an escape from the village.

I suspect that the longer we go on with Business As Usual, the more violent will be the inevitable breakthrough to modernity.
Its pure politics and economics.