Y - Korea (seen on a PR775CE) Z - Zaozhuang Saehan (China) Factory Number Codes Some models casino roulette perfume from 2008 onwards have serial numbers that begin with a certain digit.
The Valve Hot Rod and Valve Senior were released in 2009.
Citation needed The Paul McCartney Texan was produced in 2005, and in 2009, the Epiphone Historic Collection was created, beginning with the 1962 Wilshire, built by Gibson leovegas no deposit bonus codes Custom.Korea (factory still unknown) 23?The numbers appear as the 5th and sixth digits in the serial number.This Warranty Is Subject To The Following Limitations.Yymmff12345 YY year MM month FF factory-code 12345 production# factory number codesfor some models starting in 2008, if serial # begins w/numbers note: The factories identified by these codes are based on patterns that forum members have observed.Citation needed Gibson and Epiphone guitars all use Titebond resin glue, which is simple carpenters' wood glue, and were finished in hard, quick-to-apply polyester resin rather than the traditional nitro-cellulose lacquer used by Gibson citation needed Epiphone guitars assembled or made in the US use.15 These guitars were constructed using different woods (usually Nyatoh, citation needed for example, instead of Mahogany were fastened with epoxies rather than wood-glues.In the unlikely event that your instrument is destroyed, lost or damaged beyond repair, while in the possession of Epiphone for repair, Epiphone will replace that instrument with one of the some or most similar style powerball jackpot winner of a value not in excess of the original.At this time, Epiphone ceased production of all of its traditional designs and began manufacturing markedly less expensive guitars, many of which had less traditional bolt-on style necks and unspecified wood types.As of 2012, Epiphone has ceased production of their line of amplifiers with the exception of the Player and Performance Pack practice amplifiers, available only in Epiphone's starter packages.6 Instruments edit Guitars edit After Epiphone became a subsidiary of Norlin (Gibson's parent after 1969 many of its instruments were later patterned after the more expensive Gibson versions.Citation needed This short-lived series was discontinued in 1993, after only 42 Emperors were made.Example : S3021234 Samick Korea / 1993 / February / unit 1234.Example : SI Samick Indonesia / 2001 / February / unit 12345.The reason for this is that there is no reliable documentation from this time period.A few points of note: The original serial numbers are usually defaced.Wilshire model with tremotone.No instrument may be returned to Epiphone without such prior Return Authorization.After two years, the company became known as The House of Stathopoulo.Note : There may be no factory designator for some 1993 and earlier models.This warranty IS extended TO THE original retail purchaser only AND MAY NOT BE transferred OR assigned TO subsequent owners.
Indonesia (factory still unknown, probably Samick I Indonesia (this letter has appeared as the 5th digit on two authentic new models made in Indonesia Players of Epiphone edit Main article: List of Epiphone players References edit External links edit).