The team plans to update WoW: Classic alongside the Modern game.
They also want to add more depth to the Heart of Azeroth necklace.
The betjoy casino review team has discussed improving bad luck protection and streak breaking (getting multiples of the same item) especially in weekly caches.They can't confirm if WoW: Classic will get expansion launches but will continue to ask for community feedback.There are no plans to activate PvP talents in Island Expeditions.The team is not satisfied with what leveling has turned into, especially at high level.You will be able to transmog over fist weapons with an array of one handed weapons.1.The team is trying to strike a stick n poke ideas balance between deterministic goals and RNG.Alex says the cannon will be fired.Alex says if he was Sylvanas he would the may fair hotel london casino think Garrosh was an amateur.The WoW: Classic Demo has sharding because everyone is starting a character in the same spot and they wanted the demo to run smoothly.They want to avoid macroing a bunch of abilities into one key and better design specs around these abilities.Moments of player agency can only happen if there are repercussions.
They plan to introduce some of the technology used in other Blizzard games to address toxicity faster.
It is entirely justified to blame Blizzard when a class gets the reputation for being bad, and they want to address these bad reputations.

The team plans to continue to retire bad Azerite traits and add new ones to give more player choice.
The story for Battle for Azeroth is far from over.
Translation - Thrall may have a part to play in the future, though the answer could have just been a joke!