We doubt he cares much either way.
A friend that was there was a nurse and he inspected Bingos injuries, which included a large gash on the back of her head that was streaming blood.
Doug Stanhope is one of those comedians that you either "get" or you don't.At their request, Doug posted these updates on Amys Facebook page less than 24 hours apart: Hey kids!Never one to shy away from finding the humor in any situation, Doug tweeted a series of jokes over the next couple of days about Bingo being in a coma, but didnt convey any details about what happened except to say she fell down went.Edit, personal Details, alternate Names: Amy Bingo Bingaman Bingo, edit.Give Derrick some space He stinks at this stuff so leave him be for now.And I will put her in my death pool on trade round just to prove no hypocrisy.".After arriving, Doug decided to call up his friend Marilyn Manson, who later arrived with lots of cocaine or at least lots of white powder that looked like cocaine, and had the same effect when everyone snorted.Both Amy and Derrick appeared on Dougs podcast and they joked about her condition and the likelihood that she did not have very long to live.All I could think is thats how she used to fake orgasms, Doug joked on the podcast.I died this morning and Derrick didnt know how to tell you.Heres a not-so-brief recap: Bingo (photo above) was having a huge 40th birthday party on Monday, which was two days prior to her actual birthday.Basically, Stanhope and his friends coped by doing the remainder of Bingo's blow, singing karaoke and hanging with Marilyn Manson.