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Industry Growth, client Retention, marketing, sOQ/RFQ/RFP Development, proposal Writing.Read more Jaqui Lilly Marketing Manager Jaqui Lilly has extensive experience in marketing, business development, and public relations, with the last seven years specifically in the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry.Bonus abuse does happen, and its not always caught by the processor or casino, as it should.These relationships provide a forum for awareness of relevant trends, new products and services. .See if their records of deposits and chargebacks syncs up with yours.While we dont play casino games in order to lose, it is a possible mathematical outcome.What players dont realise, is that at this point, the credit card company targets the online casino as being a potentially criminal organization.The CAP Forum, of course, is the ideal place to do that.Was charged a different amount than what was originally agreed upon.Instead, manage your funds and make sure you are playing with amounts that dont affect your household budget).In a sense, although this might be a bit extreme, a chargeback is like buying some shoes in a store, and then walking back in and taking your money, while keeping the shoes.In other words, make sure youre only paying back the commission you earned in the first place, and not the entire amount the player deposited.In the casino affiliate world, chargebacks are often associated with accusations of fraud and bonus abuse and not without some justification.If youre getting a lot of chargebacks from one operator, and havent been able to resolve the issue with the affiliate manager, youve got a valid reason to start phasing out your business with that program.As noted above, you'll want to make sure your story is not internally inconsistent).An online casino doesnt promise to make you rich and will never guarantee you will always win.
The law will be on your side.
Typically, chargebacks should appear no later than three months after the original purchase.